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Immobilizer Programming | Honda S2000

Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you how to program your car’s immobilizer. The immobilizer is an electronic security device that prevents the engine from running unless it detects the correct key in the ignition. Programming your car’s immobilizer is helpful anytime that you want to use a new or foreign key with your car, like when you accidentally lost all of your keys and got some brand new keys cut or when you swap in a new ECU that doesn’t recognize your keys.

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Difficulty: Easy
Estimated time: 30 minutes

Tools necessary:
– CK100
(Amazon) https://amzn.to/2J7PfJX
(eBay) https://ebay.to/2NvcHoy

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29 thoughts on “Immobilizer Programming | Honda S2000

  1. Sorry I know this video is old, but I just inherited a 05 s2000 from my uncle that has been sitting in a barn for the past 10 years. The keys are lost and my uncle ordered a replacement title for it. I am wanting to get it out of the barn without having to call a tow company, and wanted to do it sooner than later so I can start working on the car and make sure no mice or rats have eating up any wiring.

    My question is if I buy a ECU with ignition and keys from eBay and put them into the car, would I be able to start/power on the car with this device? Or does it have to go to a dealer beforehand since it’s a new ECU and new keys? I plan on going to the dealer eventually since I want all the locks and ignition to match, but I just want to get the car moving first.

    Thank you!

  2. I bought a 2000 ap1 ECU and right when I tried to program the unit it said that there was “257 keys “programmed to the ECU.So I am guessing that this ECU that I bought from Canada was opened and they physically removed the immobilizer circuitry.I’ve then bought a younger AP one ECU and this one appeared to be unaltered, I also bought the SBB pro2 key programmer ,and it works great.Thank you for helping me with all these tutorials you helped me install my engine replace my clutch program my keys and save me a lot of money from going to a technician

  3. 1. While programming, what actually is happening to the transponder chip hidden in the key????
    2. Are vehicle codes and information gets stored to the transponder chip?? It's very confusing. If so, is it erasable once data are stored on the chip???
    3. If I want to add the 3rd key which has new empty immobilizer chip, how to transfer data and stored on the chip without using programming tools particular to Hyundai i20 2011?? Any options like key insert 3 times, etc!!???

  4. Hi there, can i use obd2 to reset immobilizer? I have 2005 civic lx need new ignition switch. I broke the immobilizer. But I'm buying ignition switch. But I guess I have to program the new keys.

  5. I lost my only key to my 02 s2k. I ordered a key with 13 chips it says and is cut by photo and I just tried it on my car and it unlocks both doors and turn on the car. My questions is if I get this immobilizer would it just work? And do I erase all keys? And also does the ebay one is the same as the one in Amazon? Because ebay one is cheaper.

  6. Hey, hopefully you can help.. I did a 04 swap on my 2000 ecu immobilizer ignition etc but I don’t have the original key, I made one but the scanner won’t let me communicate with the ecu.. any idea what can be wrong?

  7. Quick question. Did you swap your wiring hardness to ap2 hardness when you swap your ap2 motor? I am still running ap1 ecu and I was just wondering if I can swap in 04 05 ecu directly and just need the key to be programmed.

    My current car is 2002 with f22c and ap1 ecu, ap1 wiring hardness.

    Thanks man

  8. Hey, Can I choose option: add a key instead of erase all the key in the memory. I am just afraid that if I messed up the procedures on the new keys somehow, I could still have the key that works. Is there any reason why you would not do that? I look up online and it seems like add extra key option, got an security elapse time for like 800 seconds before adding the new key. Was that the reason you decided to erase all the keys in the memory and start all over again?

  9. Got dammit, you're my hero!
    I needed a definitive answer for this!
    Now I know which device I need to program my newly cut key.

    and now I know I won't be doing it either 😂, unless someone has one that I can borrow too! 😉

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