Naprawa alarmów samochodowych Warszawa

Serwis i Naprawa Alarmów Samochodowych, Naprawa Immobilazera i Alarmu w Aucie dostawczym, osobowym i ciężarowym

Bosch ME7.4.5 (Citroen Peugeot) IMMO OFF with Julie Emulator™ by CarLabImmo

Watch how easy it is to make immo off in a popular Bosch ME7.4.5 ECU in PSA group vehicles (Citroen/Peugeot). Most importantly, with the new Julie you don’t need external memory – all you need, including the 24C02 memory, is built directly into the emulator! Buy Julie Emulator: https://shop.carlabimmo.com/en_US/p/Julie-PSA-GROUP-IMMO-OFF-Emulator/158 See PDF manual: https://carlabimmo.com/manuals/immobilizers/citroen/citroen-peugeot1.pdf Pobrane z […]